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Disclaimer: I offered to review Bez’s games Yogi and Faybell and was then later matched with Bez as part of the tabletop game mentor program.

One of the best games I’ve ever played is Twister. An absolute classic of a party game that, as you get older, stiffer, and weird about having people sprawled all over you, sadly loses a lot of its appeal. Enter Yogi, a game about getting into weird positions without having to touch people!

A simple premise, Yogi consists of two decks in handy plastic containers that make for easy drawing. Each card has a command on it like: “this card on forearm”, “this card covering left eye”, “upper teeth hidden”. For the rest of the game, you have to obey your cards. Keeping them on the appropriate body parts or just keeping yourself tangled at their behest.

Cards come in two categories, “put this card here” or “do this thing with your body”. The former are the more difficult ones as you have to balance them precariously on shoulders, forearms, or heads but the strange requests of the latter make everything much harder. And while Twister is a difficult game thanks to the thinly veiled exercise, Yogi is just downright evil with some of its cards. Trying to read out cards with your bottom teeth hidden, left elbow above shoulder, one eye covered, balancing a card on the back of your forearm is just… well, evil. I can only assume the positions are drawn from some sadistic yoga class that the designer had the misfortune of attending.

The winner of the game is, fairly obviously, the person who still has all their cards in the right place at the end. But the real winners are the ones who manage to take pictures like these:

Such wonderful poses
I look like I’ve just sneezed out a hand of hidden cards

The cards are attractive and colourful and extremely straight-forward making it easy enough to get everyone involved, regardless of their interest in games. Thanks to the difficulty of holding the various cards a game can be played in under 5 minutes, making it a perfect intermission between games at game night.

Just, make sure to shake out those stiff muscles and shuffle the deck well for the inevitable next round.

You can get Yogi HERE