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And to round off our Big Potato coverage we’ve got Scrawl which has just found itself at the top of my list for best party games because it made me laugh until my back, neck, and cheeks hurt. It does require a large group which can be a bit difficult to get together, but it’s definitely worth it.

In as many words as possible, Scrawl is dirty Pictionary meets Chinese Whispers. Players each get a numbered plate and enough dry erase boards to go round the group once. Everyone then agrees on one of the four colours to use when reading the cards, takes one from the deck (taking care to keep it secret), then does their best to draw it. Then the slate and drawing are passed to the player on the left and they cover it with a new dry-erase board and write what they think you were trying to draw. Repeat until your numbered plate back comes back.

At the end of each round, each player shows what their original card was and how it changed. Butt Dial became Bum Call became Scrotum Phone. Majestic and horrifying in equal measures.

Any player whose drawing manages to go round the group and come back the same as it left gets an extra 3 points but that rarely happened as one bad artist can throw a tonne of confusion into the mix and the drawing prompts aren’t always easy. OAP Conga Line, Cannibal Finger Buffet, yeah, try drawing that in under 2 minutes.

And that’s the beauty of Big Potato’s games, they’re so simple that it takes 30 seconds to learn the rules and they leave you to it. There’s no overbearing rules, no real winners or losers beyond some minor score tracking that is more a way to say “okay, that’s enough. Let’s stop before we sicken ourselves of it.”

So, if you’re looking for something to entertain your sick minded friends who’ve tired themselves of Cards Against Humanity, then Scrawl is a must have.

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