This review is focusing on the Rubicon models US Patrolling Marines blister pack coming in at £4.50 (£1.50 per model). Being made of pewter these models find a nice medium between the cheaper, lesser detailed plastic and the more expensive resin models. These models also come with good contact points that fit in the bases supplied meaning that even though they are heavier, they don’t need to be pinned but I would recommend a nice coat of varnish as metal models are more prone to chipping if dropped.


My first impressions of this kit were just absolute awe! The level of detail is next level with the equipment the models carry and even the faces have great detail in them. I particularly love the variations of backpacks on the models even if the lack customisation was a bit of a let down. Maybe my opinion comes from a wargaming perspective and these models have been made primarily with diorama in mind, and from the first look at them, you can see why!

No sticky feet for our boys!

Building the Models

Building these was nice and simple, the models came away from the sprue with little hassle and I was pleased to see very little in the way of mold lines and the ones present were dealt with with ease. As mentioned above, the models have contact points on the feet that allow you to glue the model safely on the base without pinning the model and it is very obvious how and where each item glues to the body and although these models are to be built in a specific way with no customisation, the models themselves look dynamic and will really stand out. 

Painting the models

Painting these models was a real treat, coming from a wargaming modeling view rather than diorama, I’m really not used to traditionally rank and file units having this much detail but it was a welcome change. Starting off I used Army Painter Matt Black as my base coat as I prefer the darker tones it gives and helps give a more “dirty” feel followed by Vallejo Model Colour Khaki for the tunic. Followed by VMC Brown Violet for his helmet, VMC Dark Green for his trousers and VMC Flat Flesh. My next step was to paint the webbing and backpack VMC Green Grey, his boots, pistol holster, wooden rifle parts and bayonet handle were painted in VMC Mahogany Brown and finally his rifle strap was painted with VMC Red Leather before letting the model draw and giving them a layer of GW Agrax Earthshade and allowing it to dry thoroughly. The final steps were to paint the rifle bolt and barrel in VMC Gunmetal Grey and giving the webbing a highlight of VMC Green Grey. Et voila! 

Final Thoughts

Depending on what you are looking for these models would be perfect for a variety of tabletop games like Bolt Action or Chain of Command but it should be noted that if these models are true 28mm scale and not heroic scale like the Warlord Games models so these models will fit from a distance but will stand out upon closer inspection, however, as stated before these models are primarily intended for dioramas, and boy do they excel in that!

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