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Usually a necessity in Scotland, this weakness has become a death sentence this Summer.

So, this is kind of a weird one for me to review seeing as I don’t drink. But my love of silly games won out.

Drink Drank Drunk is a drinking card game that gets progressively harder the more you play, even sober. The deck is made up of 6 different card types: Action, which are like mini-games or challenges. Loser drinks. Rule cards which put new rules in the game like “pretend to put a seat belt on when you sit down, and take it off when you stand up”. Forget and you drink. Power and Weakness which make player specific rules, like ending every sentence with “in bed”, forget and you drink. Special cards which, unsurprisingly, have special effects like bouncing the effect of a card onto another player. and Wild cards which allow whoever drew it to make up an action or forfeit.

It’s a simple game which is important for a drinking game but remembering the various Powers, Rules and Weaknesses in play can be an enjoyable nightmare. One such combo led to a player being bottle fed from a bottle that wasn’t allowed to stop touching the table. Which is an ordeal after the fifth or sixth time doing it.

The topic will always, without doubt, be a horrible sex act.

With 200 unique cards, there is a tonne of replayability and loads of variety. And some combos create properly hilarious moments. Like the horrific “everyone must frown when laughing” and “everyone must wave their hands above their heads while laughing”. Which, of course, makes you laugh as it is utterly ridiculous.

While some of you extroverts might get a kick out of playing this at your local pub (we tried it in the hotel bar, it wasn’t a good idea), we definitely recommend playing it at someone’s house. Mostly so as to be more comfortable with all the ridiculous Action cards but also because you’re going to drink a lot.

And for all you sober folk out there, there are still ways to play this without liver failure:

Beanboozled style Jelly Beans – Some good flavours, some horrible flavours. The more you have to “drink” the higher the chance of getting something horrible.

Pennies! – Every time you “drink”, drop a penny in the pile/bottle/jar. For added evilness, loser on the last card has to count them all and see if you’ve got enough for pizza.

Soft drinks/water – Look, with the amount you’re going to be drinking in this game any liquid becomes a forfeit eventually. We played a round with sparkling water because we’re rad like that and even that gets too much after a 15 minute game.

You can pick up Drink Drank Drunk from their website HERE:


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  • £20 - £30
  • 3+ Players