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Nothing inspires paranoia among friends like a secret missions game and Big Potato have taken it one step further. By cleverly removing the board, Don’t Get Got becomes a secret missions game that can go on for days.

"Read the alt text in our Don't Get Got review" haha, gotcha!
Seriously though, it's an image showing the cards.
Some of these are wonderfully ridiculous. I don’t even know how to wolf whistle!

Each player draws 6 mission cards that slide into the waterproof wallet. From the moment of drawing to the point where one player completes three of their missions, the game is on.

Each mission is unique except for the “Get another player to ask ‘what?’ and reply, ‘You Got Got!'” Which is a fun game but has been popular in Glasgow as ‘What?’ ‘Ooo, one nil’ since the mid 2000’s, if not earlier. Which makes it very difficult as our group has become all but immune to such shenanigans and now requires very out-there tactics. Such as calling up another player at three in the morning to get them in that vulnerable just-woke-up state.

The variety of missions is great with even the most innocuous of things becoming possible traps.

“Get a player’s phone, take a picture of this card and set it as their background without being caught.”

“Ask a player’s permission to do something. If they say yes, show them this card.”

“Write You Got Got on a pice of paper, scrunch it up and throw it at a player. If they read the message, you’ve got them.”

The joy of getting someone in Don’t Get Got is almost unparalleled. And the anger at being caught out is one of the most burning things you’ll ever feel. Like when our writer Shanice asked on the long drive back from UKGE, “What was the third spy kids film called again?” and we puzzled over it for a good ten minutes before remembering: “Spy Kids 3D: Game over!” only to receive a gloating “You Got Got!”. Had we not been stopped at the lights, I would have reached over, yanked the wheel, and killed us all.

If you manage to complete a mission, you flip it over to the Nailed It side or if someone manages to call you out, you flip it over to the Failed It side. There is a deep shame in having a wallet full of red Failed Its, one that I have sadly discovered too often as I apparently have a lying voice.

Image of the Don't Get Got box, cards, stickers, and wallets.
It was actually only after writing this review that I noticed it came with stickers. Yay stickers!

My only concern with Don’t Get Got is the packaging. Like all Big Potato games, it looks great but it could have been much smaller. With 3 decks of very small cards, 8 wallets and a thin rule-book the majority of the packaging is dead space.

You can get Don’t Get Got, as well as watch a quick tutorial video, HERE
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