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Movie trivia can be a hit or miss with certain groups. Heck even as someone who loves film I haven’t seen most ‘classics’. I know of them but even for my favourite films I couldn’t possibly tell you who directed or wrote them. So usually we avoid movie trivia as it inevitably boils down to whoever gets the really obvious cards wins. But Blockbuster does something very different.

Instead of asking you to know facts about films, all they ask is that you can guess the names from the one word, quote, and charade that your teammate is doing.

At the start of each round, one player from each team goes head to head in the… head to head round, should have thought that sentence out more. They draw a card which prompts them to name something like “a movie with snow in it”. As soon as one player thinks of one, they smack the Blockbuster buzzer which starts a 15 second timer for the other player. Then back and forth until someone runs out of time.

The questions are usually really clever with things like “a movie where someone gets eaten” or “a film with a city in the title”. The actor specific ones we opted to avoid purely for the fact that we could only name two Jennifer Lawrence films.

Once a winner has been decided in the head to head round, that player draws six movie cards and choose three to keep, passing the other three to the loser on the other team. They then choose which section of the Blockbuster parking lot to put them in:

One Word – You can only use one word to describe the movie and it can’t be the title (obviously).

Quote – Not quite what it sounds like, you don’t need to know a quote from the film. The best example is still the one on the box “Oh my, what a big monkey!” for King Kong.

And Act It Out – A quick game of charades, no speaking, just mime out something that’ll get them to guess the film.

Oh, and much like the head to head round, this section is timed. The neat little buzzer has a 30 second timer that relentlessly ticks down as you zoom around the room, arms outstretched to mime ‘Airplane’.

… I feel so old trying to think of how to explain Blockbuster to our younger readers. Just… just Google it. Leave me to my oatmeal and pension.

Whichever team manages to get one of each of the eight genres wins. Which means that teams that are well versed on their all time classics but have foolishly forgone Disney’s modern films may find themselves having to use the sneaky steal mechanic. If you’ve got three or more of a genre kicking around, you can trade in three to steal any of your opponent’s films.

Everything about Blockbuster is excellent (except the actor specific cards). The buzzer feels good to use and has stood up to quite excited slapping. The parking lot with the Blockbuster sign in the middle makes a great looking playing area and it all comes in a Blockbuster VHS case. I say it often but it continues to be true, Big Potato really know how to make a game look good. But mostly I’m just strangely nostalgic to see Blockbuster stuff again. Gone but not forgotten.

For even the lowest level movie buff, we recommend Blockbuster. Just, be sure to create even teams.

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  • Brilliant Game


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  • <1 hour play
  • £10 - £20
  • 4+ Players
  • Party Game