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Last year we got a game at the UK Games Expo called Gutterhead. A delightfully rude Pictionary style game with little poops as player tokens. As usual, after writing a review we tried to contact the developers to let them know the review was up. However, all the box said in way of contact details was made by “some cunts”. After quite some time of trying, we gave up. Then, by chance, as we stalked around the UKGE halls this year, we spotted them again and they had a new game for us to try and an actual email address to contact them on.

I managed this one with a few seconds to spare!

Beat That is awesome. If you grew up watching American college movies where they play ridiculous games with plastic cups then you get the gist. Beat That is all about skill at ridiculous challenges using ping pong balls, plastic cups, chopsticks, bits of paper, dice, cards, and your own body.

The goal is extremely simple: Have the most points at the end.
Scoring is pretty simple too: each player gets a bunch of tokens with different values, they can then use these tokens to bet on themselves in a particular challenge. If a player succeeds at the challenge, they get to bank the token they bet. If not, well, back in the bag.

Each card explains itself fairly succinctly and includes helpful diagrams to show the result or set-up wanted/needed. Challenges are simple and silly. Things like “every player put a cup on their head and lie down. First to stand up without dropping the cup wins.” Or “You have 30 seconds to bounce 2 balls into 2 cups at the same time using only one hand.”

Each card falls into one of four types. For solo challenges, players take it in turns attempting it (which makes being at the end very useful as you get to see how the winners do it). Duels let you go head to head against another player. Buddy-up lets you team up to complete a challenge and Battle Royale means everyone tries at once (and there might only be one winner).

It’s ridiculous how godlike landing a silly little shot like this can make you feel.

We reviewed 20 Second Showdown recently and Beat That has a lot of the same feel if at a more relaxed pace. Betting and setting up the more intricate challenges can take some of the wind out of the sails but it does give time to laugh about a player’s failure or compliment a player’s skill on the previous task.

We had a few concerns about the components when we first opened the game up but after a few games and a fair beating around in some cases, they seem up to the task. But, in the worst-case scenario that they do end up damaged, the designers have said that store-bought equivalents work just as well. So that’s nice.

We’ve said it a lot recently but this is a great one for game night and it looks amazing. It’s just a shame the new name makes it so hard to find.

You can pick it up HERE