Snake meets Crazy Taxi, as a core concept its pretty damn engaging. You play an evergrowing bus, smashing through bus-stops and picking up passengers until you’re full, then hurtling straight to their destination. As you grow, the map gets more and more difficult to navigate and if you stop moving, game over.

Is Snakeybus a metaphor for how it feels to visit Paris? No, probably not…

Snakeybus is deceptive in that while it looks like it has that same high speed action that made Crazy Taxi so enjoyable, it’s actually more about the Snake style forward thinking. Block off the Louvre and you’ll have to find a way to jump over yourself and make some wiggle room.

The core loop is quite fun and its definitely a challenge but sadly, Snakeybus feels empty. There are no sound effects, just the same smooth jazz track playing on repeat. There are no particle effects, no real animations, the world is basically static.

Controller is partially supported but certain actions like changing to driver’s seat view cause it to freak out and require precise timing to get right. Jumping can be temperamental, requiring all 4 wheels of the front bus to be on the ground and even then sometimes still not allowing it.

There are multiple levels that you can unlock by doing multiple runs, almost like grinding, though they are thankfully cheap. Within an hour I had unlocked 3/5 levels.

Managing your bus is key to success.

Sadly I’m not sure what else to say about this. A fun idea that, after a frustrating learning curve, is enjoyable for an hour or so but unfortunately leaves no lasting impact due to a lack of impact acknowledgement. Some screams, engine noises, city sounds, anything just to make me feel less disconnected from the experience.

I do appreciate that they have the Cluster Truck trucks as a skin though.

You can find Snakeybus on Steam HERE