Everything is better with friends, even household chores. Just look at couch co-op cooking in Overcooked or murder scene cleaning in Viscera: Cleanup Detail. Moving Out, the co-op moving game by Team 17 and SMG Studio just proves it even more.

Maybe Overcooked is a bit cheap of a comparison as both are published by Team 17, both involve driving around a world map in a van, you unlock quirky characters as you complete increasingly wacky levels, and both share the same vibrant cartoon style. But honestly, that’s a compliment. For fans of the Overcooked games, Moving Out provides an enjoyable variation and for newcomers, it’s a great combination that provides loads of fun.

Post level certificate for Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician. F.A.R.T
We still haven’t worked out how it decides who drives but that doesn’t stop the jibes.

The simple premise is that you and your friends are the newest F.A.R.Ts in the town of Packmore and have to help people move house. Screaming at each other Working together, you have to grab all the marked objects and get them into the van as quickly as possible. And as soon as you need to move a couch out of a small hallway, you realise who you can really rely on.

Ross from Friends trying to move a couch while repeating Pivot.

Levels get increasingly strange as the game layers on the challenges you face in each level. Starting with learning to throw boxes over the pool and dealing with delicate objects to slapping ghosts and avoiding haunted pianos to blocking chickens and pigs in the van, Moving Out does well at keeping things fresh throughout.

And for those looking to really test their friendships, each level has optional objectives like “don’t break any windows”, which is much harder than it sounds. Completing these objectives earns you coins which can be used to play arcade missions which, even when as simple as moving a couch along a thin path, are devilishly difficult.

Then there are the VHS levels which show historic moments of the company’s past which change up the base gameplay in fun and interesting ways. Like having to unload a plane in motion by throwing furniture down into the moving van as it struggles to keep up.

"But you're not sick. Just hurt. And we don't have hurt days." dialogue at the end of a level.
Sometimes the humour hits a bit too close to home…

If you’re looking for a new couch co-op, Moving Out is a fantastic choice. With all the same ingredients that made Overcooked great, ridiculous humour that always gets a laugh, and the wide selection of levels and challenges, it’s a no brainer.

You can get it on Steam HERE

Introducing… Pairings

This is an experimental idea and while it might not work for every game we play, I like the idea as a way to show off other indie stuff that we don’t normally cover either because its free or too short to warrant a full review. The paired game will be related to the main game being covered in some way. It could be theme or mechanics or even just by the same developer. So with that all said, here’s our first pairing.

Radical Relocation!

While still a demo with only 3 levels at this early stage, Radical Relocation is an interesting premise that shows a lot of promise.

Starting with just a sedan, you have to move all of your belongings to your new home. The challenge of balancing everything on the car and getting there without dropping anything is a decent mix of fun and skill that I’m looking forward to seeing more of when it drops later in the year.

Image from the Steam page where you can find the demo