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Chook and Sosig: Walk the Plank is a fun game, centering around the adventurous kitten, Sosig and his best friend, Chook the chicken ghost. The two of them are with their friends: Exley, the demonic sheep and acting Game Master; Hebble, the cheeky fox with a dinosaur obsession; Min, the psychic, swashbuckling bat; and Cow the undead… cow? I think?


The premise of the game is simple: Exley has homebrewed an amazing swash-buckling adventure for the gang. This demonic sheep has flexed their creative mind and made a story that will play to all character’s strengths. There will be puzzles! There will be glory on the high seas! There will be a Goblin-run mail service!

We follow Sosig, or, at least, Sosig’s swashbuckling character, as he tries to solve the problems that his dungeon master has set before him. The concept of this tickles me because I can 100% relate to it as a tabletop player. But more than that, the dialogue that Sosig and Chook provides is incredibly funny. Whether it be puns, bizarre little conversations, or very strange inside jokes with friends, it really does carry the feeling that one gets when a close group of friends gets together and plays a game.

These are the words of a DM who remains deeply haunted by their player’s prior actions.

Chook and Sosig: Walk the Plank is a narrative puzzle game. What I mean by that is that the puzzles involved all have a string of actions and errands to run for people, in order for the plot to unfold further. Puzzles are solved are through the creative use of items that you collect. Meanwhile, the focus is definitely on the characters and the roles they play.

 I’ll admit, puzzle games can be hit-or-miss with me, because I often find myself confused, with no idea what to do next. This eventually culminates into me getting so frustrated from my lack of progress that I spiral into the abyss, never to be seen again.

Luckily, the developers clearly want their players to have fun: at any point in the story, you are able to return to Chook and ask for hints. Why does Chook know the next thing Sosig can do? Well, Chook might have taken a peek at the Dungeon Master’s notes and perhaps has some inkling as to where you should go next. This is actually really helpful because there were a few times where I found myself stumped. Sometimes I just powered through it and eventually figured it out on my own, but sometimes I did return to check for his helpful hints. Having this option available definitely kept any frustration at bay and removed any obstacles that would cause any emotion other than enjoyment.


The game’s art is very reminiscent of Adventure Time. You know, that show Adventure Time? With Jake the dog and Finn the human? Chook and Sosig: Walk the Plank exudes the same kind of quirky-and-wholesome energy. It was a refreshing game to play, simply for the feel-good vibe it exudes. If you are a fan of animated series and want to see that same energy in a game, you will want to come here. 

Chook and Sosig: Walk the Plank is available for purchase on Steam for Mac, PC, and Linux.

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