Our Goal

We here at Indie Uncovered want to shine a spotlight on the talented indie developers out there and the great games they're making. And not just videogames, we love the growing tabletop scene and are happy to cover everything from micro-games and apps to AA and mid-tier games. We'll be doing reviews, previews, articles, and interviews on indie games and development stuff. So if you're a fan of all things indie or are in the industry yourself, stick around and enjoy!

If you've made a game and want to get some press coverage, please reach out and get in touch either through Anna@indieuncovered.com / anna.indieuncovered@gmail.com or by tweeting us @indie_uncovered. We look forward to seeing what you've got.

Who We Are

Anna Blackwell - Editor
Pretty Much Anything Except Sports, Anime, Puzzle, or JRPG
Dislikes: Sports, Anime, Puzzle, JRPG

Anna is the founder of Indie Uncovered and hopes that it can help to highlight the cool things happening in the indie sphere. She works as a freelance writer and contributes regularly to Strategy Gamer and Tabletop Gaming Magazine as well as less regularly to Retrogamer and Wireframe. You can follow her on Twitter @BlackwellWriter.

Brittany Bastian - Writer/ Social Media Manager
Likes: Life sims, RPGs, World Builders, Strategy, Open World, Action/Adventure, Character Customisation.
Dislikes: Metroidvanias, 8-Bit Graphics, Most Roguelikes, Horror

Brittany is our confident go-getter. After just launching her freelancing career this year she's already got her words into PressStartHub, EN5ider, and is part of the hilarious DadBodDnD crew. You can follow her on Twitter @TypedMischief and can find her inaugural session HERE

Writer - Shanice Fagan
Platformers (3D and 2D), Metroidvanias, RPGS, Interesting Visuals, Chill Games
Dislikes: RTS, "Retro Games", Dull Visuals

Shanice cut her teeth on games journalism writing for CriticalIndieGamer.com where she bravely sifted through some truly awful games to find gems for her readers. She's been writing as a hobby for nearly 6 years now and continues to stubbornly refuse to join us in the freelancing world. You can follow her on Twitter @ShaniceFagan though she mostly uses it to post art and science.