Our Goal

We here at Indie Uncovered want to shine a spotlight on the talented indie developers out there and the great games they're making. And not just videogames, we love the growing tabletop scene and are happy to cover everything from micro-games and apps to AA and mid-tier games. We'll be doing reviews, previews, articles, and interviews on indie games and development stuff. So if you're a fan of all things indie or are in the industry yourself, stick around and enjoy!

If you've made a game and want to get some press coverage, please reach out and get in touch either through Anna.indieuncovered@gmail.com or by tweeting me @BlackwellWriter. We look forward to seeing what you've got.

Who We Are

Indie Uncovered is (mostly) run by Anna Blackwell as a solo/side project (hence the scattered releases). Anna works as a freelance games journalist and writes regularly for Strategy Gamer and Tabletop Gaming Magazine as well as the irregular contribution to Retrogamer and Wireframe Magazine. After having cut her journalistic teeth on indie games at Criticalindiegamer.com, Anna wanted to showcase the really cool stuff happening in the indie scene that she cares most about.

You can follow Anna on Twitter at @BlackwellWriter where she posts links to the latest content, her own games, and the occasional "witty" banter.