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20 Second Showdown – Review

… I can’t just put up a .gif of myself collapsing with giddy glee so I’ll try my best in the next 500 words to explain just how good 20 Second Showdown is.

Don’t Get Got Review – Promoting Paranoia!

Nothing inspires paranoia among friends like a secret missions game and Big Potato have taken it one step further. By cleverly removing the board, Don’t Get Got becomes a secret missions game that can go on for days. Each player draws 6 mission cards that slide into the waterproof wallet. From the moment of drawing […]

The Chameleon Review

Big Potato Games’ The Chameleon is a clever little bluffing game where every player but the chameleon knows the secret code word and must give one-word clues to the group to try and single out the imposter. Sort of like what you would imagine the codebreakers were doing during WWII if you have no idea what WWII […]

What Came First Review – Alton Towers or Betty White?

What Came First Review Featured Image

Like most people, I’ve amassed a brain full of pointless trivia. Obscure film facts, actor names and birth years but never useful stuff. Never mathematical equations or scientific principles. Unfortunately, I’m salty that my brain has taken to hoarding trivia but I will try to keep this review of What Came First, objective. What Is […]

Scrawl Review

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And to round off our Big Potato coverage we’ve got Scrawl which has just found itself at the top of my list for best party games because it made me laugh until my back, neck, and cheeks hurt. It does require a large group which can be a bit difficult to get together, but it’s […]

OK Play Review

tile laying board game indie tabletop

Ok Play is, in essence, Connect 4. Except that you have to connect 5. And you aren’t limited to vertical columns. And you can play it with 4 people. Think of it like Connect 4 for the freethinking generations. As long as your tile is touching sides with another tile, it’s a valid move. This […]

Weird Things Humans Search For Review

Card Game Board Game Indie Review

It’s Wednesday and that what better way to celebrate than with alliteration. So today we’re looking at Big Potato’s Weird Things Humans Search For. Or, the Google guessing game. Weird Things Humans Search For is a simple guessing game where one player reads out the start of a search (“Will video games…”) and players, either […]